About QEdge Technologies

QEdge is Your Career Edge.

About QEdge Technologies

QEdge Technologies is a significant IT sector, offering courses on high-quality technical areas. Through us, aspiring students will get to learn the importance of IT training project development and the recruitment procedure. Additionally, we have special courses in enterprise application integration and the current software development field. Our core competency area is derived from years of experience in this industry. We ensure you perfect design and IT development course. We deliver only proven technical solutions.

QEdge Technologies is your one-stop solution for all sorts of IT related problems or queries. It is a professionally managed and independent company, which has entered into various strategic business alliances with some of the leading names and service providers. We follow only the contemporary styled teaching technique, as we believe in providing students with their needful desires in current IT sector. Additionally, we have a state of the art developed technology development center, which offers online training, classroom functions and offshore development sectors to domestic and some of the overseas clients. We have started our journey as a small sector, but now have expanded it to international borders.

Believe in Customer-Centric Service:

We, at QEdge Technologies, always believe in customer centric service. From us, you will receive customer centricity and value proposition with the current process-oriented approach. This approach distinguishes our services from the rest of our competitors, and we are right at the top. We deliver flexible solutions to our aspiring students and ensure maximum performance level. From us, you will receive greater ROI and faster business-centric results.

If you are looking for end-to-end business-centric solutions, wait no further and join QEdge Technologies. With us, you can leverage technology, to a completely new level. We offer solutions, which help you to create a dynamic environment. Some of the basic services, as procured from our side, are application integration and development, quick migration, custom development, support and upgrading services.

Expertise in IT Sector:

No matter how difficult your problem is, we will help you with the best solutions. Join our IT courses, and let our veterans guide you through the entire path. We further provide our clients with help in areas, relating to IT recruitment and corporate training. Join hands with some real-time employers, who will be your trainers. Additionally, procure help from our training consultants, ready to help you in one to one training session. We will add personal care with our training sessions, and will dedicate our time towards each student separately. Whether you are planning to register in classroom sector or want to join hands in online training courses, you can have it from our side.

We are now at the top due to our team of best minds from different spheres of specializations. We have integrated strategy and technology seamlessly for delivering, innovative solution to respective clients. Additionally, we will use global delivery model, for some of our offshore and onsite teams, ready to deliver effective solutions.

Our Motive:

The primary motive of QEdge Technologies is to become a global leader in the field of IT development and recruitment. We ensure to provide you with cost effective software related services, which help in empowering clients by deploying intelligent business terms. Our objectives include the creation of highly focused and competent course modules, dealing with new IT changes and their solutions. You will receive help from social conscious service providers and software veterans.

Our Services:

QEdge Technologies deals with a great mission. The primary aim is to provide quality training in the current stream of software testing tools. Even though we started as a new company few years back but now have expanded our course modules in different sectors of software testing tools. Depending on the flexible requirement of clients, we have separate course modules, related to IT industry. From training service to placement services, options are limitless. Our primary motto is “Quality Education,” and for that, our veterans are ready to help you completely.

Training Services:

There are various types of training sessions, which are mostly conducted by QEdge management sources. The classroom training is divided into eight different types.

The regular training session, which is conducted for 30 to 60 days. Each day comprises of 1 and a half to 2 hours of classes. The basic division is mentioned below:

  • QTP – 30 days
  • Manual testing – 30 days
  • Selenium – 40 days
  • ETL testing – 30 days
  • Load Runner – 30 days
  • Android – 30 days
  • Hadoop – 45 days, and
  • Salesforce – 60 days

Other than regular training classes, we have fast track training sessions, too. These sessions are conducted for working professionals, who do not have much spare time to go for regular classes. Here, the fast track training session is conducted for 7 to 15 days, as per the student’s requirement.

You can further join our one to one training session. This is a form of fast track session and conducted to a single candidate. Here, the aspiring student will come in direct contact with our experts, and have a face to face confrontation with them. The timing of such session might vary from one person to another, depending on their requirement.

We have special weekend training sessions, which are conducted for 3 to 5 weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, the classes are from 10 am to 5 pm, and almost 5 hours on daily basis.

For all those who are working professionals, there are online training sessions available. It is conducted individually or in a group, where in you will face our IT veterans through some Online training applications.

From Java to .Net, Mobile technologies to Big data, we have impeccable course modules for novices to professionals. Whether you have no knowledge or want to brush up your current knowledge, you can have it from our leading online sessions. Just give us a call and register your name for our sessions. We will provide you with study materials, so that you can cope up with the changes in IT sector, always.