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by | Jun 22, 2017

How to become a Software Tester

What is Software Testing? Software testing is a crucial part of any of the application or software development due to the vital role it plays in identifying and reducing the bugs during the development cycle. This not just reduces the efforts needed...

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Why You Should Take Quality Assurance as Your Career

Quality Assurance has emerged as one of the most vital and highly indispensible part of the software industry. The prime reason behind the same is the need for a perfectly well tested software or application by the clients, globally. All of the...

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What are the Best Automation Testing Tools

Best Automation Testing Tools Automation testing is on a rise with the ongoing demand for the same in the software industry. With the higher ongoing demand for automated test tools, the demand for various types of test trainings also goes hand in...

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Reasons to Switch from Manual Testing to Automation

Testing takes an indispensable place among the various elements of software development. In fact, testing is the prime activity without which the software development remains incomplete. There are various kinds of testing tools and elements that...

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