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Live Project on Testing

On Job Training: After much anticipation and requests from our students, we, at QEdge Technologies have now come across the much waited Live Projects on Testing. Our focal area is in software testing tutorial, available in our classroom regular sessions and in online course modules, as well. We are here to simulate end to end software project, based on real time values.

Our team of leading experts will go through each phase separately and in detail, so that students can get answers to all their queries.Our primary emphasis will be on QA Training phases, processes, roles and responsibilities. On the other hand, we even rely on the deliverable’s, for a complete and short online training in software testing live projects.

List of Preliminary Tutorials Based on Live Projects

Whenever the main concern is with the tutorials of Live Project on Testing, you should be aware of the training modules, which our experts from QEdge Technologies are likely to follow. Some of those are now listed below:

  • Introductory note on live projects
  • Review of the current SRS document
  • Perfect creation of the test scenarios
  • Ways to write a test plan document, starting from the scratch till the finish
  • Writing some of the test cases from the present SRS document
  • Execution of the test along with Live Project on Testing
  • Test metrics, bug tracking and even test sign off

Know more about Live Project on Testing

Before you proceed further, let’s get into details regarding the software testing course series, which you are about to take active part in. For the primary step, we are about to pick up a live application and start with it. Some of those examples of live applications are:

  • Writing some of the test scenarios
  • SRS review
  • Test planning and test case design
  • Identification of test data
  • Test execution along with defect management
  • Metric collection
  • Status reporting

Everything, which we are about to work on, will be based on the real time of software testing projects. Our course modules in this live project sector comprises of artifacts, real time examples and some deliverable’s, all create while you are through in this process. We will further guide you through these live projects, in step by step manner.

Who can Join

Anyone has the right to be a part of our live projects, when those are associated with IT sector. Just be sure to gain a little bit of theoretical knowledge about the subject, whose practical part you are about to try out now. We will only provide you with online and live projects, when you are through with the theoretical parts. It will help you to know more about the live projects, we are about to handle.

Steps to be followed

As the starting point, we will procure as SRS document, followed by a review and test scenario preparation.  After that, we will help you with the test plan, followed by test cases. After that, you will receive application walk through along with test execution. Finally, the live projects will move towards defect reporting, verification and sign off.

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