Privacy Policy

The privacy policy explains ways, in which QEdge Technologies use, collect and share personally identifiable information of probable customers and students or our online source, along with users of our course module and other services. Always remember that the primary aim of our website and service is to allow you to enroll in our classroom programs or take online courses on various types of topics. For this sake of this privacy policy, information as provided to this site will be placed in any of the two categories.

One is information associated with the courses, defined as “course information.” This package comprises of interchanges with the instructor of this course, without limitation, answers, other students, essays and other items for satisfying the course requirement.  Another one is information associated with the use of services or site, termed as “Site information.” This part comprises of course enrollment information and without limitation.

Whenever our privacy policy uses “information,” it mainly addresses the generic use of information. It does not rely on any specified site information or course related information. By using the services, courses or site, you consent to use, collection and disclosure of personally identifiable course and site information, as related to the privacy policy.

How we collect personal identifiable information and use it:

You can plan to visit our website without revealing any personal identifying information. We never collect personal information from any of our visitors without consent from the visitor. We will only collect information, if the client wants us to, as a part of this privacy policy.

In case, you request for any product or company related information, or just want to request information about the specified services, or offer comments on any of these services, then you might have to provide proper information to complete that said request. The site information is used only for fulfilling your request. The side information is further used for sending you added information about course or services on site, which you have requested for.

For accessing some services, you need to be a registered user and create user account. This will offer you with personal identifiable information, which might include company’s name, address information and email address and telephone numbers. You have to allow us to use personal information to register with the service and enroll in our courses. We might even opt for the information to verify authority while planning to enter the site and access services. We will further notify you with any updates, if any, and help in improving general administration and content of the website. The team further provides you with notices associated with service, which you have already purchased or willing to in near future.

As a significant part of course, you should allow us to provide persona information to the instructors, if needed. Instructors use this information to offer course. Instructors might procure help from other users. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm what instructors will do with the personal information taken. QEdge Technologies is not to be held responsible for any of these users by instructors.

Other information collected and used:

QEdge Technologies might further collect and analyze the information of site about general usage, service and course modules. We might track the usage patterns of users to see the features of websites, courses used commonly, traffic volume of site, visits to any particular page, time and type of transactions, IP address, browser language and operating systems, to name a few. We collect and analyze such information in aggregated manner, which will no identify you personally.

This data is send for assisting us in site operation and services, as provided to third parties for better understanding of the operation.  It further helps in improving the offering of course. However, such information will be procured in aggregated manner only and does not comprise of any identifiable data.

Some instructors might collect non-personally identifiable information in connection with participation in the said course. The information includes interaction with instructor along with other users, comments as placed on course forums, essays and the answers for satisfying course requirements and more. It is the responsibility of the user to go through instructor’s policy dealing with course information.


We understand the importance of children and encourage parent to take active role in children’s interest and online activities. We never collect information from children under the age group of 13, knowingly. If we ever learn to do something like that, then we will delete the information instantly. Children, under this age bar of 13, are not allowed to register for the courses. People, under 18 years of age, can use the service, only when they have approval or supervision of any legal guardian or parent.

Information Disclosure:

We will only share your information with third parties, in regulations mentioned in privacy policy. These sections include sharing website information with service providers as per the request, to employer if you enrolled for business program or instructors. We never sell your information to any third party vendor. You should refer to the above mentioned sections to know more about personal identifiable information, and how those notifications are used.

We might further disclose such information, if:

  1. If the law, rules or regulations asked us to do so in cooperation with any investigation of governing authority
  2. While dealing with the terms of use
  3. Protecting the safety of users of site, along with services and courses

Other than that, we might even have to transfer the personal information to successor, upon consolidation, merger or other corporate reorganization.

Service providers and vendors:

We would like to work with you by offering seamless and excellent services, which will make QEdge Technologies options best for your use. We would further like to share information, like personal ones with third parties, working on our behalf. The main aim of this sharing of personal information is to improve the services. The third parties are asked to abide by the rules and regulations, as mentioned under Privacy policy sector, and keep the nonpublic information confidential. They can use the information only to meet the intended purpose.