SAP MM Online Training

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SAP MM Online Training Course Content

SAP MM Introduction

  • Overview of ERP
  • Advantages of ERP
  • ERP Packages in the market
  • Overview of SAP ERP
  • History of SAP
  • Advantages of SAP, over other ERP packages

Student View

  • SAP modules
  • JOB requirement OR opportunities in the market
  • What way learn SAP MM
  • Types of Projects and Role and Responsibilities

SAP Navigation

  • Login
  • Sessions
  • SAP Screens
  • Features of SAP Navigation

SAP MM Overview

  • Organization Data
  • Master Data
  • Transactions
  • Reports
  • Integration with other modules

Organization Data

  • Creation of Plant
  • Storage Location
  • Purchase Organization
  • Standard Purchase Organization
  • Reference Purchase Organization
  • Purchase Groups and Assignment

Master Data

Material Master

  • Material Types
  • Assignment of Number Ranges to Material Types
  • Creation of Materials Master
  • Material Groups
  • Change and display of Material Master etc

Vendor Master

  • Vendor Account Group
  • Number Ranges
  • Assignment of Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
  • Creation of Vendor Master
  • One Time Vendor
  • Partner Functions

Purchase Info Record

  • Number Range for Info Record
  • Creation of Info Record with and without Plant etc.
  • Change and Display of Info Record etc.

Source List

Quota Arrangement

Purchase Requisition

  • Number Range for PR
  • Define New Document type
  • Requisition or Tracking No.
  • Source Determination
  • Assignment of Source

Request For Quotation

  • Number Range for RFQs
  • Define New Document type
  • Create/Change/Display RFQ
  • Print/Transmit RFQ


  • Maintaining Quotations
  • Rejection of Quotation

Price Comparison of Quotations

  • Comparison of Quotations with Mean Price
  • Maximum Price and Minimum Price
  • Use of Collective Number for Comparison

Purchase Order

  • Number Range for Purchase Order
  • Create/Change/Display PO
  • PO with Reference to PR/Quotation/Contract
  • PO w/o Material Master

Outline Agreements

Number Range for Contracts

  • Value Contract
  • Quantity Contract
  • Centrally Agreed Contract
  • Contract Release Order
  • Contracts with Reference purchase Organization
  • Number Range for Scheduling Agreements
  • Creation of Scheduling Agreements
  • Delivery Schedule

Purchasing Optimization

  • Creation of Automatic PO
  • Pre Requisites for Creation of Automatic PO etc

Release Strategies for Purchase Documents

  • Release Procedure for PR
  • Release Procedure for External Purchasing Documents

Goods Receipt

  • Number range for Material Documents
  • Movement Types
  • GR W.R.T Orders/Deliveries/Others
  • Different stock types for GR
  • Reversal of GR
  • Cancellation of GR
  • Accounting Documents etc.

Goods Issue

  • GI W.R.T Order/BOM/Others
  • A/C Document

Stock Transfers

  • Plant to Plant/Store to Store
  • One Step Procedure
  • Two Step Procedure

Physical Inventory

  • Manual Physical Inventory
  • Cycle Counting

Batch Management


Invoice Verification

  • Invoice verification
  • Subsequent Credits
  • Subsequent Debits and Credit Memos
  • Parking of Invoices
  • Blocking and Release of Invoices

Special Procurement Process

  • Consignments
  • Pipeline Materials
  • Sub Contracting Process
  • Returnable Transport Packaging etc
  • Third Party
  • Intra and Inter Company Stock Transfer

Service Procurement

  • Service Master Record
  • PO for Service
  • Service Entry Sheet
  • Invoice Verification for Service

Valuation and Account Determination

  • A/c Determination w/o Wizard
  • Split Valuation

Integration on

  • MM-SD
  • MM-PP
  • MM- FICO

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