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Selenium with C# Online Training

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Course Coverage : Selenium with C#

Selenium Training: Selenium is growing as one of the most demanded automating Web Application Testing Tool in the IT industry. As an open source tool, the demand for Selenium Testing both using Java and C# has grown to the maximum heights. It is mostly being demanded to put a slash on the high rising costs of developing and maintain a project by the companies.

This is the reason we are offering a dedicated training and learning framework in the Selenium with C# Training Online. Undergoing this Selenium Training, you get to know the complete working and operation of Modularity Frameworks, Data Driven Frameworks, Keyword Driven Frameworks and Hybrid Frameworks. We have designed our Selenium course such that it covers all the entities including- Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver Training, Selenium Grid, TestNG, MAVEN, Jenkins. With this course attainment , one undergoes rigorous learning and training procedure such that they have the ability to perform tests on different systems simultaneously, while running on the different Operating Systems and Cross Browser Testing with Selenium.

QEdgeTech has however taken a step ahead in this region by offering well classified Selenium Training in Hyderabad and has turned out be the best selenium training in ameerpet. Operating its roots for providing Selenium Training in Bangalore, we have thus worked on an all round offering of complete core C# concepts for Selenium course along with Placement Assistance.

Our Selenium Testing Training Services are extended to the following platforms of learning-

  • Selenium Training in Hyderabad and Bangalore
  • Selenium Online Training with Core Java Basics
  • Selenium Corporate Training
  • Selenium Live Project Training
  • Selenium Training with Placement Assistance

Course Objectives

With your successful course completion of the course of Selenium Testing with C#, you can be operational in terms of-

  • Understanding the Selenium Architecture and its related components
  • Making records and playing the tests using Selenium IDE
  • Make use of Locators by id, by name, by class, by tagname, by linktext, by css, by xpath, etc for finding the test elements
  • Be completely trained in Selenium WebDriver/ Selenium 2.0
  • Computerize the Editbox, DropdownList, Link, Checkbox, RadioButtons, Tables, Calender, Keyboard and mouse operations.
  • Perform and understand the handling process of Alerts and Multiple windows.
  • Substantiate and work on validation of the page contents via implementation of Selenium WebDriver
  • Outline and create Tests using TestNG
  • Study the TestNG Annotations, Assertions, Generating Test Reports, etc
  • Understand the process of creating and running of the Test Suits using testng.xml
  • Making Reusable automation Tests
  • Construct Customized Test Results by implementation of WebDriver advanced features, for example- capturing screenshots, cookies handling and for Exceptions handling and management
  • Generating Data driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid test frameworks
  • Running Cross browser testing with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera
  • Conducting Cross platform testing with windows, unix and mac etc.,
  • Carry distributed automated testing using Selenium GRID
  • Work with automate windows applications using AutoIt.
  • Work with the Project dependency management using MAVEN.
  • Schedule the Tests with Jenkins

Training Type

  • Regular Classroom Training
  • Online Training
  • Self Paced / Video Training
  • Live Project Training
  • Corporate Training

Who should take this Course?

Any Fresh Graduates, Students and working professionals who wish to learn this course in order to transform as an Automation Test Engineer can go for this course. Selenium is the now trending and most recent testing tool that is in demand in the Software Testing Industry. Individuals with the basic fundamental knowledge of the Object Oriented Programming tools can easily join for this course.

  • Aspirants looking for permanent jobs in big IT corporations
  • Students/scholars willing to start their professional career as a “Test Engineer” with any of the IT giants
  • Proficient IT professionals who are willing to switch their field of work towards Testing field
  • Aspirants with additional IT skills and educational background who are willing to gain practical freelancing experience in the related field
  • Aspirants willing to work as “Freelance Test Engineers”

Job Trends:


Q: What is the course all about?

A: This course is a training course for training an individual in the field of software testing using Selenium with C# test techniques.

Q: Who are the faculties on board?

A: We are a proud owner of an expert team of well qualified and technically sound team of faculty members, who have a rich experience of the relative field. Most of them have industry exposure as they have been with the major players for years. This helps us in creating an environment of perfect teaching and coaching, along with real time guidance.

Q: What is the duration of the course?

A: The course tenure depends on the course, the course curriculum and mode of study chosen.

Q: What is the Course fee?

A: The course fee depends on the course structure and mode of study.

Q: Is there any specific criterion for admission?

A: Just being from the IT background is enough for taking admission to this course.

Job opportunities

Course completion with us is the right opportunity to start your begin a success voyage full of opportunities in assistance with us. With an existing partnership with numerous IT giants, we assist our students with the placement plans through our placement assistance programme with these industry giants.

Following are the companies offering job opportunities to our students-

Google HSBC IBM In10S
Infosys NTTDATA PurpleTalk Deloitte
Dell Cyber Korp Caprus IT Bank of America
ADP Student Corner TechMerits Wells Fargo
Virtusa Vensai Technologies

Course Completion Certificate

Once you successfully complete the course, you don’t merely emerge as well enriched and excelled experts in the Selenium with C# testing methodology and the techniques implementation for a higher thrive in the testing world, but also this course is going to help you sustain the most updated trends of the testing world. Adding great value to the course is the special course completion certificate endowed to the successful protégés, along with the online training, live projects handling, etc

ISTQB Certification Trainings we offer-
  • ISTQB Certification
  • ISTQB Foundation
  • ISTQB Advance
  • ISTQB Agile
  • Placement Assistance
  • Branches : Hyderabad-Ameerpet, Hyderabad-Madhapur and Bangalore
  • Resume and Profile preparation help
  • Personal Interview and Personality enhancement Guidance
  • Complementary Course Material
  • Live Project Training on ALL Testing Courses

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