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Selenium with Cucumber Online Training

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Course Coverage : Selenium with Cucumber

In this Selenium with Cucumber Training Online, we are undertaking a new approach towards creating a broad ended approach towards the new avenues of testing training. Selenium with cucumber is training based on a behaviour driven development (BDD) platform for creating automation test scripts for testing Desktop Web and Android Web, Apps. The major advantage of this platform is its ability to enable drafting and execution of automated acceptance, unit tests. Being a cross-platform, open source based and free of cost testing approach, it has become highly popular in the industry.

Undergoing the Selenium course in Cucumber Development, you will emerge as an able professional who can easily define the application behaviour in simple meaningful English text under a predefined language called- Gherkin. Written in Ruby itself, you can easily write the test code in the same language using the cucumber platform. After the successful completion of the training, you have the opportunity to work with various Modularity Framework, Data Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework and Hybrid Framework. Techniques such as- Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, TestNG, MAVEN, Jenkins being covered under this Selenium course. You also have the perfect chance to study and get the insights of test operations on various machines with simultaneously operations taking place on different Operating Systems and also perform Cross Browser Testing with Selenium with Cucumber.

This has made us emerge as the most popular Selenium Training Institute In Ameerpet. With Edge Tech Hyderabad, you will thus, come across some the best and highly professional industry experts. This is why we are a pioneer in the related field and evolved as the most promising institutes for Selenium training in Hyderabad and Selenium training in Bangalore.

Our Selenium Testing Training Services are extended to the following platforms of learning-

  • Selenium Training in Hyderabad and Bangalore
  • Selenium Online Training with Core Java Basics
  • Selenium Corporate Training
  • Selenium Live Project Training
  • Selenium Training with Placement Assistance

Course Objectives

With the successful completion of this course of Selenium Testing with Cucumber, you will be able to –

  • Understand the Cucumber based Selenium Architecture and its related components
  • Easily record and play the tests using Selenium IDE on Cucumber platforms
  • Identify the test elements with the use of Locators by id, by name, by class, by tag name, by linktext, by css, by xpath, etc
  • Emerge as a trained professional in Selenium WebDriver/ Selenium 2.0
  • Automate the Editbox, DropdownList, Link, Checkbox, RadioButtons, Tables, and Calendar, Keyboard and mouse operations.
  • Handle the process of Alerts and Multiple windows operations
  • Authenticate the page contents with the use of Selenium WebDriver
  • Write Tests using TestNG
  • LearnTestNG Annotations, Assertions, Generating Test Reports etc.,
  • Understand the process ofcreating and running of the Test Suits using testng.xml
  • Draft Reusable automation Tests
  • Produce Customized Test Results with the use and implementation of WebDriver advanced features, example-capturing screenshots, handling cookies and for managing exceptions
  • Create Data driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid test frameworks
  • Manage the Cross browser test operations with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera
  • Perform Cross platform testing with windows, unix and mac etc.,
  • Conduct distributed automated testing using Selenium GRID
  • Operate with automate windows applications with AutoIt.
  • Operate with the Project dependency management system using MAVEN
  • Schedule Tests with Jenkins

Training Type

  • Regular Classroom Training
  • Online Training
  • Self Paced / Video Training
  • Live Project Training
  • Corporate Training

Who should take this Course?

Anyone looking for a transformed career to emerge as an Automation Test Engineer can take up this course. No specific requirement prevails for this course. Anyone with a graduation degree, a student or even a working professional who want to make their career in testing field can undergo this training. Also, individuals with basic fundamental knowledge of the Object Oriented Programming tools can opt for this course module.

  • Aspirants looking for permanent jobs in big IT corporations
  • Students/scholars willing to start their professional career as a “Test Engineer” with any of the IT giants
  • Proficient IT professionals who are willing to switch their field of work towards Testing field
  • Aspirants with additional IT skills and educational background who are willing to gain practical freelancing experience in the related field
  • Aspirants willing to work as “Freelance Test Engineers”

Job Trends:


Q: What is the course all about?

A: This course is a training course for training an individual in the field of software testing using Selenium with Cucumber test techniques.

Q: Who are the faculties on board?

A: We are a proud owner of an expert team of well qualified and technically sound team of faculty members, who have a rich experience of the relative field. Most of them have industry exposure as they have been with the major players for years. This helps us in creating an environment of perfect teaching and coaching, along with real time guidance.

Q: What is the duration of the course?

A: The course tenure depends on the course,the course curriculum and mode of study chosen.

Q: What is the Course fee?

A: The course fee depends on the course structure and mode of study.

Q: Is there any specific criterion for admission?

A: Just being from the IT background is enough for taking admission to this course.

Job opportunities

With the related course completion with QEdge, your chance of becoming a professional test engineer goes high with the industry giants. With an already existing industry partnership with numerous IT giants, we are able to help our students choose the right company and take advantage of the placement options with our placement assistance programme with these pioneers.

Following are the listed companies offering job opportunities to our students-

Google HSBC IBM In10S
Infosys NTTDATA PurpleTalk Deloitte
Dell Cyber Korp Caprus IT Bank of America
ADP Student Corner TechMerits Wells Fargo
Virtusa Vensai Technologies

Course Completion Certificate

After successful completion of the Selenium with cucumber course, you not only are a well augmented and highly excelled professional in the Selenium with Cucumber testing methodology and techniques, but will also become an uprising talent in the testing world. Our course is definitely be benefiting your sustenance with the most updated trends of the testing world. Adding this great value to your course bearing, we also offer a special course completion certificate to each protégé as an achievement of this technical degree. This will be provided after the completion of the course structure according to the course specifications outlined. In addition to the course of study, one should also undergo online training, live projects handling, etc.

ISTQB Certification Trainings we offer-

  • ISTQB Certification
  • ISTQB Foundation
  • ISTQB Advance
  • ISTQB Agile


  • Placement Assistance
  • Branches : Hyderabad-Ameerpet, Hyderabad-Madhapur and Bangalore
  • Resume and Profile preparation help
  • Personal Interview and Personality enhancement Guidance
  • Complementary Course Material
  • Live Project Training on ALL Testing Courses

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