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About Software Testing Manual QTP Training

Software Testing Manual QTP Training: According to NASSCOM & PAC’s recent market analysis, the market for application testing and quality assurance service continues to grow faster than the overall IT services in the period of consideration (from 2011 to 2015). Long term engagements in the form of managed testing services partnerships based on Service Level Agreements are increasingly important, experiencing even higher annual growth, which makes it one of the most dynamic segments within IT services.


QEdge was established by team of Enthusiastic industry professionals from various organizations with the Vision of providing world class quality education to fill the gap between industry requirement and learning.

Our experienced team makes learning interesting, fun and memorable. We provide personalized instructions for each individual apart from classroom sessions. From the day of establishment, QEdge has made non-stop efforts to bring an international viewpoint through all its activities.

Manual Testing

Software Testing Overview

  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Objectives of Testing
  • Software Development Process
  • Project vs. Product
  • Error / Fault / Failure
  • Why Software has defects?
  • Most common defects
  • Cost of fixing defects
  • Testing then … and Testing now…
  • What is Verification & Validation
  • Difference between QA & QC
  • Role of a Tester

Principles of Testing

  • Early Testing
  • Exhaustive Testing Impossible
  • Defect Clustering
  • Pesticide Paradox
  • Testing is Context Dependant
  • Testing Should Show Presence of Defects
  • Absence of Error is a Fallacy

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • SDLC Phases
  • SDLC Models
    • Waterfall Model
    • V Model
    • RAD Model
    • Prototype Model
    • Spiral Model
    • Agile Model

Software Testing Methodologies

  • Static Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Gray Box Testing

Static Testing Techniques

  • Reviews
  • Walkthroughs

White Box Testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing

Black Box Testing

  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Alpha Testing
    • Beta Testing

System Testing and Types of System Testing

  • Smoke / Sanity Testing
  • Formal Testing
  • Priority Based/Risk Based Testing
  • Ad-hoc Testing
  • Re-Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Benchmark Testing
  • Monkey Testing
  • Ul Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Recovery Testing

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

  • Test Planning
    • Test Strategy
    • Test Plan
  • Test Analysis
    • Analyzing Functional Requirements
    • Preparing Requirement Clarification
  • Test Preparation
    • identifying & documenting Test Scenarios
    • Test Case Design Techniques
      • ECP
      • BVA
      • Decision Table Testing
      • State Transition Testing
      • Use case Testing
    • Preparing Test Cases
    • Preparing Test Data
    • Preparing RTM
  • Test Execution
    • Build Release Process
    • Executing Testcases
  • Defect / Bug Life Cycle
  • Defect Management
    • What is defect?
    • Defect Classification
    • Defect Severity & Defect Priority
    • Defect Report Template
    • Defect Reporting & Defect Tracking
  • Test Closure
    • Criteria for Test Closure
    • Status Reports (Daily and Weekly)
    • Test Summary Reports

Agile Testing

DataBase Testing

Test Management & Defect Management Tools

  • ALM (Quality Center)
  • Jira

Project Testing WorkShop

Manual Testing Workflow in Quality Center

Overview of Test Management

QC Tool Architecture

Site Administrator

  • Creating Domain
  • Creating Project
  • Creating Users
  • Mapping User to QC Project
  • Backup, Restore
  • Version Controlling

Quality Center User Modules

  • Defining Test Requirements
  • Uploading & Downloading Requirement
  • Documents
  • Writing Testcases in QC
  • Exporting Testcases from Excel to QC
  • Mapping Testcases to Requirements
  • Manual Testing Workflow in QUALITY CENTER
  • Coverage analysis / Traceability
  • Create Test Sets
  • Executing Tests
  • Defect Reporting & Tracking
  • Defect Linkage

Test Management

  • Developing Reports
  • Developing Graphs


  • Creating Groups
  • Module Access
  • Entities
  • Managing lists

Functional Test Automation with CTP 11.5 (UFT)

Introduction Automation Testing

  • What is Test Automation
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Indentifying Automation Test Scenarios
  • Various Automation Test Tools
  • Tool selection criteria
  • Automation Testing Life Cycle

Introduction to Quick Test Professional 11.5

  • Why QTP7
  • Installing QTP 11.5
  • Installing add-ins
  • Making QTP work on Win 7 / Win 8
  • Installing script debugger
  • Simple Record and Run

Basics of QTP 11.5

  • What is Add-in?
  • Why Add-in
  • Default Add-ins of QTP 11.5
  • Other Add-ins (Environments) supported by QTP 11.5
  • Creating a new Test
  • Record/Run
  • Record and Run settings
  • Rules for Recording Windows/Web Applications
  • Understanding Results page in QTP and disabling it
  • Commenting and uncommenting code
  • Changing font size in QTP
  • Different ways of developing scripts in QTP – Which is better
  • Slow down the script execution speed
  • Saving the test
  • Encoding password-QTP password encoder
  • Launching AUT with InvokeApplication
  • Launching AUT with SystemUtil.Run

Objects & Object Repository

  • What is an object?
  • Object Spy
  • Features in Object Spy
  • Classification of objects
  • Object Repository
  • Object hierarchy in Object Repository
  • Adding objects manually in OR
  • Adding all objects of page in OR
  • Adding selected objects of page
  • Finding Object in app from OR
  • Local and shared Object Repository
  • Implementing QTP in your project and importance of shared Repository
  • Object Repository Manager
  • Creating Shared Repository
  • Associating Shared Repository to a Test
  • Merging Object Repositories

Object Learning & Object Identification

  • How QTP learns Objects
  • How QTP identifies Objects
  • Normal identification
  • Smart identification
  • Object Identification Properties
  • EditBox
  • Button
  • Listbox / ComboBox
  • RadioButtons
  • Check Boxes
  • Links

Automating Operations on Objects using Add-in Methods

  • Browser
  • Page
  • Window
  • EditBox
  • Button
  • Listbox / ComboBox
  • RadioButtons
  • Check Boxes
  • Links
  • GetVisibleText – Reading Text from application
  • GetRoProperty – Reading loentification
  • properties
  • Script to find browser version
  • Script to print browser title
  • Windows based calc exercise
  • Gmail Exercise
  • Exist-Checking Existence of a Object
  • Capture screenshot of page
  • Capture screenshot of an object like Link,
  • button etc

Generating Customized Test Results with Reporter Object

  • Various Test Status
  • Reporter Object
  • Attaching Screenshots in Report
  • Marking test case fail/pass
  • Screen Recorder
  • Exporting reports to various formats such as – pdf, xls


  • Need of Synchronization
  • Configuring Default Synchronization time out
  • Different ways of Synchronizing the Test
  • Changing Sync Time
  • Exist Statement
  • Wait Statement
  • WaitProperty
  • Synchronization Point


  • Purpose
  • Inserting Start Transactions
  • Inserting End Transactions
  • Analyzing Transactions Results

Working with Actions

  • What is Action
  • Creating Actions
  • Renaming Actions
  • Deleting Actions
  • Splitting Action
  • Exit Action
  • Creating Tests with Multiple Actions
  • Calling Actions
  • Action Parameters
  • Calling Actions with parameters

Working with Data Tables

  • Purpose
  • Global Sheet
  • Local Sheet
  • Design Time Data Table
  • Runtime Data Table
  • Defining Test Data in Data Tables
  • Retrieving Data from Data Tables
  • Importing Data from Excel
  • Exporting Data to Excel
  • Data Table Methods
  • Common mistakes with Data Table

VB Script

  • What is VB Script?
  • Why we need VB Script in QTP
  • How much VB scripting is required in QTP?
  • Constants
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Arrays
  • Conditional Statements
    • If — Else, Nested If
    • Select case
  • Loops
    • While Loop
    • Do-While Loop
    • Do- Until Loop
    • For Loop
    • For Each Loop
  • Built-in Functions
  • User Defined Functions & Procedures

Working with Function Libraries

  • What is a Function?
  • What is a Procedure?
  • Difference between Function and Procedure
  • Actions vs Functions & Procedures
  • When to use Functions?
  • When to use Procedures?
  • Exit Function
  • Exit Sub
  • Scope of Functions & Procedures
  • Why do we need Function Libraries
  • Associating Function Libraries to a Test

Handling Excel Files with VBScript

  • Why do we need XIs file handling?
  • Excel Application Object
  • VB script to create xls file
  • Opening Existing xls file
  • VBScript to find if XLS file existing
  • Adding Sheets / Deleting Sheets
  • Counting No. of Rows / Columns in a Sheet
  • Reading Data from Worksheet
  • Writing Data into Worksheet
  • Filling BG Color / Font Color
  • Working with multiple Workbooks in a script
  • Working with multiple Worksheets in a script
  • Saving / Closing Workbook
  • Exiting from Excel
  • Developing Data Driven Tests using data from Excel
  • Using Function Libraries in Excel Application Scripts

Handling File Operations with VBScript

  • Why do we need file handling?
  • FileSystemObject
  • VBScript to create New Folder
  • VBScript to delete a Folder
  • VBScript to check Folder Existence
  • VBScript to Create New TextFile
  • VBScript to Open a TextFile
  • VBScript to Delete a File
  • VBScript to check File Existence
  • VBScript to Read data from a TextFile
  • VBScript to Write data into a TextFile
  • Developing Data Driven Test using data
  • from TextFiles
  • Using Function Libraries in FileSystem
  • Object Scripts

Databases SQL Server I Oracle / MS Access Connection and Testing with VBScript

  • Why we need to connect to database?
  • connection
  • What is connection String
  • Generating connection String for SQL Server Database
  • Generating connection String for Oracle Database
  • Generating connection String for MS Access Database
  • Command
  • Storing and Executing SQL Queries with Command Object
  • RecordSet
  • Storing Results in RecordSet Object
  • Retrieving data from RecordSet for Testing
  • Developing Database Testing Scripts with QTP 11.5

Environment Variables

  • What is a Environment Variable?
  • When to use Environment Variables
  • Importing Environment variables from XML File
  • Practical usage of Environment Variables


  • What is debugging?
  • Inserting Breakpoint
  • Debug Viewer
  • Debugging a Script
  • Debugging Function Libraries
  • Step Into
  • Step Over
  • Step Out

Miscellaneous Features

  • Regular Expressions
  • Virtual Objects
  • Recording Modes in QTP
  • Run Modes in QTP


  • What is a Checkpoint?
  • Types of Checkpoints
  • Drawbacks of Checkpoints
  • Alternatives to Checkpoints

Output Values

  • What is Output Value?
  • Different Output Values
  • Defining Output Values
  • Storing Output Values
  • Using Output Values in Script
  • Substitute above Output Values through Code

Advanced QTP Descriptive Programming

  • Introduction to Descriptive Programming
  • When to choose Descriptive Programming
  • Descriptive programming Approach
  • Static Representation
  • Practicing Gmail Script
  • When to go for Static Representation
  • Dynamic Representation
  • When to go for Dynamic Representation
  • Practicing Gmail Script
  • What is micclass?
  • Handling Objects Dynamically
  • Handling Browser Object Dynamically
  • Handling Page Object Dynamically

Descriptive Programming – ChildObjects

  • Working with Child Objects
  • Handling similar objects in a page
  • Counting all Objects in Page
  • Counting specified category of Objects in a Page
  • Desktop Object
  • Script to close all open browsers
  • Extracting all links of page and printing their names
  • Extracting links and clicking them one by one
  • Script to check page navigations
  • Checking static links on site
  • Checking dynamic links
  • How to find if link is broken
  • Developing Generic Scripts

Descriptive Programming and Webtables

  • What is WebTable Object
  • Counting No. of Rows in a Webtable
  • Counting No. of Columns in a Webtable
  • Extracting data from a WebTable Cell
  • Extracting Objects from WebTable with Childitem
  • Practice Examples on Webtables

Exception handling with Err Object

  • On Error Resume Next
  • On Error Goto 0
  • Err Object
  • Number
  • Description
  • Err Clear
  • Practice Exercises

Recovery Scenarios

  • Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Introduction to Recovery Scenarios
  • When to use Recovery Scenarios
  • Defining Recovery Scenarios
  • Managing Recovery Scenarios
  • Associating Recovery Scenarios to your Test

Automation Object Model (AOM) in QTP

  • What is AOM
  • Application Object
  • Why and when do we use AOM
  • Launching QTP through Scripting
  • Generating Script for QTP Tool Options
  • Generating Script for Test Settings
  • Developing Startup Script
  • Script to Open QTP Test
  • Script to Run QTP Test
  • Script to Close QTP Test
  • Script to Close QTP
  • Automation Frameworks
  • What is a Framework
  • Need of a Framework
  • Different Frameworks
  • Modularity Framework
  • Library Architecture Framework
  • Keyword-Driven Framework
  • Data-Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework
  • Most Commonly used Framework

Hybrid Framework Implementation

  • What is Hybrid Framework
  • Deciding test cases to automate
  • Building Xls files for test cases
  • Keywords
  • Building Application Keywords
  • Building reusable components and VB function libraries
  • Selectively running testcases
  • Reading data from Xls – Building Datadriven scripts
  • Running test case multiple times with different sets of test data
  • Running test cases on different browsers
  • Generating xls based reports
  • Running the project from AOM

Automation Testing Workflow in QC

  • What is QC
  • QTP-QC Addin
  • QC Requirements
  • QC Test Plan
  • QC Test Resources
  • QC Test Lab
  • QC Defects
  • Integrating QTP with Quality Center
  • Adding Object Repository in QC
  • Attaching Object repository to local test from QC
  • Adding Function Library in QC
  • Attaching Function Library to local test from QC
  • Adding xis files in QC
  • Importing xls files from QC
  • Saving a Test in QC
  • Adding Test to QC Test Set
  • Executing QTP test through QC
  • Batch execution of tests
  • Viewing QTP test run reports through QC
  • Raising defects in QC from QTP
  • TD Connection Object

Technical Interview FAQ’s

HR Interview FAQ’s

Resume Preparation


  • Dedicated Workstations with High End Configuration.
  • Workstations are linked to real-time Servers APP Server, DB Server 8 QC Server.
  • Workstations are equally assigned to the students to avoid computer sharing.
  • 100% Lab Assistance for Every student by Experienced Lab Coordinators.


QEdge has its own Placement. Assistance Cell with fully equipped and with professionals who has the expertise and network in assisting our students in their placements. This is a free, supportive service which is made available for the benefit of the successful and eligible students. It has no financial and/or legal implication in relation to this service and/or legal event of the non-provision of the same.

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