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Additional terms:

Any personal information from your side regarding the use of any products from this site will remain under our privacy policy, which is further incorporated by reference into such terms. In case, you are an instructor, you need to follow the instructor terms and conditions. These conditions are hereby incorporated by reference of the said terms. In such cases, when you are the instructor and facing some conflict between terms and instructor terms, then you will be governed by the Instructor terms.


Our products will enable the aspirants to connect with independent contractor instructors. These instructors will provide recorded and live tutoring, instruction and learning services in proprietary online classrooms. Here, instructors and students are collectively termed as “users.” The products comprise of hosting course and supportive study materials, feedback from the previous user base and offering services without any limitation.

Company has the right to revise these terms any time, and post the changes, without any prior notice to the students. Changes are made effective after 30 days, from the time of posting. If you use the products even after the changes have been made, it means, you have accepted the changes, and cannot question anything further. To be aware of the latest version of terms, you must visit the official website frequently. Other than preceding sentences, no revision made to these terms will apply dispute between the user and company that was before the date of revision.

The company has the right to modify products or discontinue the availability at any point of time. You will be held responsible for telephony, services, data charges or any other types of costs, related to access to our products. Furthermore, you are held responsible for maintaining computer hardware, telephone and other necessary equipment, used as a part of course module.

If you choose any payment, which involves fee, then you have agreed to make the payment, and will be held responsible for the same. In case, you are providing a credit card for making the requisite payments, you represent and warrant the proper use of your credit cards and authorize the firm to charge your card on regular basis, to make the payment in full.

In case, the payment method fails due to the past due; then we will collect fees using other collecting mechanisms. This includes charging payment methods on files with the help of any collecting agency and procuring help from legal counsel. We might even block any further access to any products, as a penalty for not paying the due amount in full.

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General disclaimer:

This site is only a market area for students and instructors. We are not likely to hire any instructors, and we are not held responsible for any interactions between students and their instructors. We are not to be held responsible for any claims, disputes, injuries, losses or damage of any sort, which might arise due to conduct of students or instructors.

We are not in control of submitted content, associated with this site, and do not guarantee validity, reliability, truthfulness or accuracy of the submitted content. You will get to understand it by exposing to the products or submitted content, which you consider to be indecent, offensive or objectionable. The company is not to be held responsible for keeping the content from you, and will not allow you to use any submitted content to the extent permissible under the chosen law.

The products and the main site will offer links to any of the third party websites, through courses, directly or through instructors. The company does not endorse any of third party sites, and will not control them anyway. Similarly, this firm will not assume liability relating to third party websites. You must take proper steps to determine whether the chosen third party is apt or not, to protect the current privacy and personal information of such parties.


You might have to access the products for any lawful service. You will be held responsible for adhering to the rules, laws and regulations, associated with the use of your items. You even agree to not use products or company content to solicit or recruit any potential user or instructor. You will be held responsible for the risks, after joining hands with the instructors and their course modules.


For obtaining any of the products, you have to register and obtain a username, account, and password. After registering, the information you provide us with will help in offering customer service, content and proficient network management. You will be held responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your account and password.