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Training Options

Classroom Training

  • Customized curriculum as per industry needs.
  • Training by real-time professionals.
  • The best classroom and Lab infrastructure.
  • Student friendly staff and management.
  • 365 Days placement support with partner clients.

Online Training

  • Live demonstration of of features and practicals.
  • Get LMS access of each online training session that you attend through GotoMeeting.
  • Gain guidance on certification.
  • Attend a Free Demo before signing up.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Git
  • Git Features
  • Role of Git in Real Time
  • Git installation on Windows and Screen shots
  • Git installation on Linux
  • Git Architecture
    • Working Directory
    • Staging Area (Index Area)
    • Local Repo
  • What is Git Repository?
  • Git with Local Repositories
  • Git with Remote Repositories
  • Git Configuration Files
    • git configuration files understanding
    • Git Configuration files Precedence
    • git config command usage
    • Set git environment variables for global level
    • Set git environment variables for local level
    • Setup git repository using git init
    • Difference between git init, git init –bare
    • Stop git tracking files using git ignore
    • Case study to understand Git config global and local levels
    • Create alias for git commands
    • Troubleshoot git init issues
    • Expected Interview Questions
  • Git Making Changes
    • git add
    • git status
    • git status color coding system
    • git commit
    • Exercises on adding single files, multiple files commits
    • Committing Changes in one go
    • Case Study on how developers use git commit in real time
    • Case Study on how to find what files are being tracked in project
    • Case Study on how to add the changes recursively to git
    • Troubleshoot changes made to Staging area
    • Troubleshoot changes made to Local Repository
    • Expected Interview Questions
  • Git History – log and show
    • View all commit logs
    • View only latest commits logs
    • View commits of specific author or committer
    • View log commit changes based on date ranges
    • View log changes of each commit
    • View logs based on files
    • View logs based on commit message
    • git show command
  • Git Rename, Move and Delete Files
    • How to rename the files using git
    • How to rename the files using a operating system level
    • How to move the files in git
    • How to delete the files in git before staging
    • How to delete the files in git after staging
    • How to delete the files that are tracked by git – Local Repository
    • Submit the changes of rename move and delete in git
  • Git Parallel Development
    • git branch
    • git merge
    • git rebase
  • Comparing git project files from working area with Local Repo using git diff
  • Git diff –staged
  • Git Backout the Changes
    • git reset HEAD
    • git checkout
    • Case study on backout changes in git
  • Git Remote
  • Real Time Workflow of Git Branching
  • Delete Git branches on Local Repo and Remote Repo
  • How to remove git files from Local Repo and Remote repo
  • How to Rename Git files in Repositories
  • Expected Interview Questions on Git

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