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jenkins apache maven course

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Course Content

CI/CD – Jenkins with Maven, Checkstyle

  • About Continuous Integration (C.I)
  • Need of Continuous Integration
  • Benefits of Continuous Integration
  • Best practices of Continuous Integration
  • Generic Architecture of Continuous Integration in Projects
  • Continuous Integration Workflow
  • Components of Continuous Integration
  • Case Study – situation if there is no C.I tool used in Projects
  • Few notable Continuous Integration Tools
  • Market Share of C.I Tools
  • Expected Interview Questions on Continuous Integration


  • Introduction to Jenkins
    • Why Jenkins
    • Relation between Jenkins and Hudson
    • History of Jenkins
    • Why Jenkins is so popular
  • Features of Jenkins
    • General Features
    • Technical Features
  • Jenkins Architecture
  • Jenkins Prerequisites
    • Minimum Hardware Requirements
    • Recommended Hardware Requirements
    • Docker Container Requirements
    • Software Requirements
    • Supported Platforms
  • Setup Jenkin Server
    • Install Software Pre-Requisite software’s (Java)
    • Setup Environment Variables
    • Install Jenkins using war file
    • Deploy Jenkins on RHEL
    • Setup firewall settings for Jenkins Server
  • Jenkins Terminologies
    • Master
    • Slave or Node
    • Job or Project
    • Executor
    • Build
    • Plugin
  • Jenkins Dashboard Overview
    • Job Listing Section
    • Jenkins Menu Section
    • Jenkins Menu- Item
    • Jenkins Menu-People
    • Jenkins Menu-Build History
    • Jenkins Menu-Manage Jenkins
    • Jenkins Menu-views
    • Build Queue Section
    • Build Executor status Section
  • Jenkins – Creating Jobs in Jenkins
    • Naming a Project or Job
    • Choosing right Project Type
    • About Project Descriptions
    • Set the storage limits for old discard builds
    • How to disable the build systems
    • Source Code Management
    • Build Triggers
    • Create a Sample Project
  • Understand Jenkins Job Process
    • How to check Build Information
    • Jenkins Build Color Code system
  • Configure Jenkins Build Server
    • Configure Java JDK for Jenkins Build Server
    • Configure Apache Maven for Jenkins Build Server
    • Configure the JAVA JDK for Build jobs in Jenkins
    • Configure the Maven for Build Jobs in Jenkins
    • Configure Github for Build Jobs in Jenkins
    • Configure SCM-Git Plugin for Build Jobs in Jenkins
  • Secure Jenkins
  • Manage Jenkins Plugins
    • Install Plugins
    • Upgrade Plugins
    • Backup plugins
  • Jenkins User administration
    • Create Jenkins User Accounts by various methods
    • Configure Jenkins User Accounts
    • Delete Jenkins User Accounts
  • Manage Jenkins Users based on Roles
    • Install plugins to manage roles
    • Roles – Manage Roles, Assign Roles, Role Strategy
  • Configure Jenkins
    • How to change the Jenkins Admin Password
    • Change Home Directory
    • Configure system messages in Plain text or HTML format
    • Configure – Executors, Labels, Quiet Period, SCM Checkout Retry Count
    • Configure – Jenkins URL Location and Admin email ID
  • Build Triggers
    • Configure Poll Source Code management in Jenkins
    • Configure Poll SCM Changes using Crontab in Jenkins
    • Trigger Builds Remotely using URL
    • Trigger builds using Token ID
    • Trigger Builds based on build Pipeline or other Projects
    • Case Study on Access Denied Error message when trigger builds remotely
    • Build triggers periodically
    • Build triggers when changes pushed to Github or SCM
  • Distributed Builds
    • What is Distributed Build?
    • Architecture of Distributed Build
    • Configure Jenkins Master Server
    • Configure Jenkins Slave Server
    • Configure authentication between Master-Slave
    • Setup Relationship between Master and Slave
    • Configure Project to build on Jenkins slave server
    • Configure Various Launch options using SSH, Java Web Start
  • Email Notifications in Jenkins
    • Purpose of Email Notification
    • Email Notification plugins
    • Configure Email Notification in Jenkins
    • Demonstrate usage of email notification on builds
  • Expected Interview Question on Jenkins


  • What is Build?
  • Purpose of Build Tools
  • Build Tools Ideology
  • Evolution of Build Tools
  • Few Notable Build Tools
  • Environment Based Build Tools
  • Java Based Build Tools
  • Sample Build Code of Ant-Ivy
  • Sample Build code of Maven
  • Sample Build Code of Gradle
  • Market Share of Build Tools
  • Expected Interview Questions on Build Tools


  • About to build tools
  • Introduction to Apache Maven
  • Maven Architecture
  • Installation of Maven
  • Various Phases of Maven
  • Configure path variables for Apache Maven in Jenkins
  • Expected Interview Questions on Apache Maven


  • Continuous Inspection in Jenkins
  • What is Continuous Inspection?
  • What is Code Coverage?
  • Code Coverage Benefits
  • Few notable Code Coverage Tools
  • Configure checkstyle code coverage tool for maven projects

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