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Linux Essentials for DevOps AWS Course Content


  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • Types of Operating Systems
  • History of UNIX
  • General Architecture of UNIX
  • UNIX basics
    • Kernel
    • Shell
    • System Calls
    • Utilities
  • Difference between Kernel, Shell, Utilities
  • Evolution of Linux
  • Linux File Hierarchy Structure
  • Expected Interview Questions


  • Understanding Login Screen of Linux systems
  • Case Study of Login incorrect or Password Incorrect
  • How to know default shell that is assigned to a user
  • Linux Commands
  • How to create hidden files or directories
  • How to unhide files or directories
  • Understanding various Shell types
  • File Permissions
    • File permission types
    • Understanding symbolic Method of permissions
    • Understanding Absolute Method of permissions
    • How to set read, write and execute permissions
    • How to remove read, write and execute permissions
    • How to change file permissions based on use case
    • How to apply permission to a directory
  • Change Ownership of Files
    • How to change group name of a file
    • How to change Ownership of a file
  • Sudo Access
    • What is Sudo
    • About /etc/sudoers file
    • About visudo
    • Steps to give sudo access to a normal user
    • About su
    • Difference between su and sudo
    • Service Request Procedures for Sudo Access in Real Time
    • Expected Interview Questions on Sudo Access
  • Linux Service Management
    • Need of Service management
    • Service – start, stop, reload and restart status
    • Chkconfig – list, on, off, runlevels
    • Systemctl – start, stop, reload and restart status
    • Troubleshooting Service Error messages
    • Implementation Procedures of Service Management in Real Time
    • Expected Interview Questions on Linux Service Management
  • Linux User Administration
    • Types of users
    • User creation Process
    • Useradd commands
    • Usermod commands
    • Userdel commands
    • Passwd change commands
    • About /etc/passwd file
    • About /etc/shadow file
    • Expected Interview Questions on Linux User Administration
  • Linux Package Management
    • About Utilities of Software Installation
    • Install software using RPM
    • Install Software using YUM
    • Perform consistency tests on software packages before installation
    • Troubleshooting Software installation issues
    • Expected Interview Questions on Linux Software Management


  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Virtualization Types
  • Hosted
  • Bare metal
  • Hypervisors
  • Virtual Machine Setup

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