Java Installation Steps | Select JDK File as per your OS

Step 1: Goto Enter Text : Java Jdk Download

Step 2: Click On Java Platform (JDK)

Step 3: First Select the Accept  Licence Agreement and Select Jdk Kit as per your Operating System. It Supports Windows, Linux, MAC, Solaris… My System is Windows Operating System with 64 bit So I select the Windows 64 bit. (In windows 7 Operating system Right Click on My Computer and select Properties, you will find your system bit type)

Step 4: After clicking the Windows 64 bit exe file. It’s Showing the Downloading Process.

Step 5: After Completing the Download Process Click On Windows 64 bit exe File.

Step 6: After clicking the exe File. Click Next Button.

Step 7: Click on Development Tools and then Click Next Button

Step 8: After Clicking Next Button We will get Installation Status.

Step 9: After That Click On Next Button

Step 10: Finally we will saw Java Installation Process Done.

Step 11: Java SE Development Successfully Installed.

For Eclipse Installation

eclipse install
eclipse install
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