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QEdge Technologies comprises of QEdge management sector, providing various training sessions as per student’s requirements. We invite our students to go through the available options, and choose any of the course structure, matching their time and demands. Our classroom training sessions are practically divided into 8 types. Now, as we believe in flexible modules, therefore, we would like to help both novices and working professionals in our IT course module. Let’s get started with the classroom training sessions, available in 8 different sections

Regular Training

Defined as the most normal training session of all time, our regular training sessions are conducted for 30 to 60 days. Each day, the students have to dedicate 1 and half hours to 2 hours in our sessions. Not all courses are going to take the same time. Depending on the course modules and descriptions, the course timing will vary. Listed below, are our various course modules and the time, dedicated for their services.

  • QTP – we conduct QTP for 30 days
  • Manual testing – We will dedicate 30 days for manual testing course
  • Load runner – here, we will complete the load runner program in a month, dedicating 2 to 3 hours, on daily basis
  • Selenium – Just like load runner, Selenium course is further available for 30 days
  • ETL testing – our team will dedicate 30 days for proficient ETL testing course
  • Salesforce – this course takes a little bit more time when compared to selenium or load runner. It will take 60 days or two months, due to its vast course structure and subjects.
  • Android – it falls under the mobile technology sector, and this course will also take one month or 30 days, like most of the other programs
  • Hadoop – The last section of our regular training session, Hadoop training session will take 45 days of your time, to complete the subject

Fast Track Training

As defined by the name itself, fast track training is meant for working professionals. They might not have proper time, like students, to dedicate in our regular training sessions. For them, fast track training session is best. This session is conducted for a period of 7 to 15 days, which depends on the necessary requirement of students. You should contact our experts first, and have a chat with them, to set up a fast track training session.

One to One Training

Also defined as a kind of training session similar to fast track, here, the training will be dedicated to a particular student, one at a time. Here, the candidate will have a confrontation with the veterans, and ask some of their queries, revolving around IT course. As the complete dedication is towards a single student, the aspirant can solve their problems in no time.

Weekend Training

All those working employees find it difficult to dedicate time on weekdays for courses like IT modules. After a long and tiring day at work, it is not always possible to sit in front of the computer or laptop and concentrate on the course modules. For them, weekend training sessions, are best. Most of the time, people have free hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Our weekend training sessions are conducted for 3 to 5 weekends, from 10am to 5 pm. Each day, the student needs to dedicate almost 5 hours, to complete the entire session.

Project Training

Working on theoretical values is not enough, as you need to work on the practical sessions, as well. You will not be able to face the challenging market unless you have proper project training. Therefore, our project training session is defined as training sessions, based on the hands-on live project. With our project, you will enjoy practical knowledge. It helps our students to gain experience on projects, from the real life environment. Here, the projects depend on server based application.

On Job Training

Even though, people mix on job training with project training, but in reality, it is not that. In this project training, there will be a common project, delicately for every student. On the other hand, when it is on job training, then a dedicated project will be allotted to a team, and the candidate needs to work on it. The main work of the aspiring candidates over here is that of a team member and uses his common sense and experience to complete the project. He will be playing the role of a real-time employee, working in a different environment with task allocation and reporting process, just as it takes place in any corporate sector.

So, with us, at QEdge, you will learn about different forms of training sessions, which will vary from one student to another. Now, you can work with us anytime and enroll your name for the training session, matching your requirements. Once you have joined hands with us, you will not have to look for any secondary option!

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