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    Who can become an Instructor and teach?

    Anyone with a real time extensive working knowledge and experience in any of the specific related IT domain can approach us. One of the prime requirements for becoming an instructor with us is being highly passionate and dedicated in teaching and coaching the aspiring students or professionals with the best ever expert knowledge you have at QEdge Technologies. Also, superior verbal communication skills are mandatory.

    Advantage @ QEdgeTech

    Working at QEdge is not just an opportunity to teach and succeed as a trainer, but also be a part of quite young and proficient team of professionals. In addition, you are also a share holder in the monetary terms with revenue-sharing opportunity with us as the fastest growing training company in India! The timeline spent with us is also valuable in terms of gaining a platform for the best expression of your practical knowledge and skills with the upcoming generation. What else would you expect from your training opportunity lender who gives you the right opportunity to organize your training from any part of the world?

    The Progression

    To begin with, you need to fill this form. After the short listing, you are required to undergo training on the basis of QEdge’s Learning Methodology. This will also give you an opportunity for co-creation of the content along with us for making an enriched and workable ‘learning process’ for the aspiring learners.

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