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Dot Net Full Stack Developer Course

Dot Net Full Stack Developer Course 
Even as we speak, the world is changing due to the digital era. These days, every business is coming online as a clever approach to reach customers. As one of the most well-known and extensively utilised frameworks available,.NET has an impact on a variety of business websites and applications.

As a result, there is a huge demand for qualified Dot Net Full Stack developer to handle the client and server side front end and back end. This course provides access to training on real-time application development along with a thorough introduction and comprehension of CI/CID, Docker, ASP.NET Core, and other topics.

Course Duration

120 Days

Training Options

Classroom / Online



Why Should You Take .Net Full Stack Course?

Microsoft .Net is in demand.

Dot Net Full Stack is rated as one of the happiest professions.

Dot Net Developer Engineer has a great career path.

Instructor-led Microsoft .Net Live Classes

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Course Price at

INR 20,000/-


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About Course

We will provide you the best knowledge on the .Net framework that runs on Windows and useful for developers for developing the latest applications and many more with live experts. Learning Dot Net Full Stack Developer Course makes you a master in this subject that mainly includes fundamentals of .Net and some basic to advanced knowledge on programming languages like C#, SQL, Java, etc. 

About Trainer

  • 10+ years of Real-time Experience in Microsoft .Net & C#
  • Experience in blend of Real-time Projects & Training’s

Training Options


INR 20,000/-


INR 20,000/-

Video Based Learning

INR 20,000/-

Skills Covered

.Net Introduction

  • What is Dot Net Full Stack Developer Course?
  • Why .Net is required. About Programming languages and Introduction
  • Code Execution Process, Compilers, Platform, Platform depdendency, Independency and Quick overview on .Net Core.
  • CLR and it’s components (CLS,CTS,GC and JIT Compiler), language Interoperability, Value and Reference type and memory(Stack and Heap)
  • Class Libraries(*.dll and *.exe), Structure of C#.Net Program

Console App Development using C#.Net Basics

  • First C#.Net Program and namespaces, class and Main(), Creating varibles and datatypes Introduction
  • I/O Statements(Write(), WriteLine(), Read() and ReadLine())

Conditional Branching

  • Simple If, If else and switch case

Conditional Loops

  • for, while, do while and foreach

Arrays & strings

  • Single, Multi, Jagged Array, string methods

OOPS in C#.Net

  • Introduction on OOPS, class and Objects, and class members intro, variables, methods and functions


  • Introduction on Constructors, Default constructors, Parameterized
  • Copy, Private and Static Constructors, SOLID Princeples In that Single Responsibility


  • Destructor, Dispose and Finalize() to clear the memory in realtime


  • Overloading, Overriding, Hiding, Operator Overloading


  • Single, MultiLevel, Hirarichal
  • Interface and abstract classes
  • Multiple and Hybrid



Types of classes

  • sealed, partial, Static, Abstarct and Extension methods

Access Modifiers

  • private, public, protected etc.

Exception Handling


  • Single case,Multicast
  • Anonymous methods, lambda expressions


  • Importance of Generics and classes, methods etc.


  • Normal Collections
  • Generic Collections


  • Linq to objects and collections
  • clauses
  • pre-defined methods
  • query examples

C#.Net New Features and Miscellaneous topics

  • Buffer time to discuss any missing topics and advaced programming like MultiThredding, TPL, async and await, Missed class libraries will be covered here, Tuples etc

ASP.Net introduction

  • Web Application, Client and Server and creating first ASP.Net web App


  • All together we will explain with some C#.Net collections concepts to maintain data using Static classes


  • Connection Oriented Architecture with web forms (CRUD), stroing in different controls like dropdown, listbox etc. and also Storied Procedures
  • Disconnected Model using GridView and Enhancements, try catch importence in DB Programming and LINQ Integration

3-Layer Architecture

  • CRUD Operations, Integrating Master and User Controls

State Management

  • QueryString, Session and Coockie and Page Redirection

Authentication and Authorization

  • Forms and Windows

Page Life Cycle

Design Patterns Introduction

  • GOF Design Patterns

Introduction to ASP.Net MVC

  • Limitations of ASP.Net and why we use ASP.Net MVC
  • Data flow and layers importences Model, Controller and View

ASP.Net MVC basic folder structure

  • Scripts, App_Start, Content, Controller, View and Model etc.


  • controllers and action methods
  • Result classes in MVC


  • Razor Programming, Bootstrap Integration
  • Different examples to bind the data in html using Razor Program

Forms Implementation

  • Different Inputs and Registration and Login form
  • Get Vs Post request

Data Sharing between Views and Controllers

  • View to Controller(Formal Parameters, Models, FormCollection)
  • Controler to Views(ViewData, ViewBag and TempData)
  • TempData and Sessions

Models in MVC

  • Net (Connection Oriented Architecture) + MVC + Bootstrap

Project Architecture, Layers and adding dependencies (Multilayer approch – MVC + EF + Bootsrtrap + Jquery + Web API + Class Library)


  • Convetional and Attribute based routing

Entity Framework

  • Working with EF Code first approch
  • Working with EF DB First approch using multiple tables

Validations in MVC

  • Data Annotations and custom messages

Layout and Partial Views

Bundling and Minification

Scaffolding in MVC

  • CRUD Operation EF using scaffolding

Fileters in ASP.Net MVC

  • Cache, ValidateInput, AntiForgery Token
  • Exception Handling, Custom Action Filters

Authentication and Autherization

  • asax, authentication types, authorization on controller, views

Unity MVC5 Dependency Injuction in MVC

Web API Integration

  • Web API Methods + MVC Integration
  • Get, Post, Put and Delete Share data from API to MVC

Jquery Integration

  • Jquery + Web API + Ajax

ASP.Net Core Identity

Prepation of Filters

Introduction to Core

  • .Net Framework Vs .Net Core
  • Net MVC Vs ASP.Net MVC Core
  • Folder Structure, MVC Core features, Kestral and other web servers, launchSettings.json

Information about HTTP

  • HTTP Protocal, Request types
  • Request and Response objects, Status codes, Query string

Middleware in ASP.Net Core

  • Pre-defined and Custom middleware and order of middleware
  • Use, Run and Map methods

Routing in ASP.Net Core

  • Convetional, Attribute based, Route Constrains, Route parameters, WebRoot folder and UseStaticFiles() middleware

 Controllers in ASP.Net MVC Core

  • Controllers, Action Methods and Result classes and return types

Model Binding and Validations

  • Model properties and Data Annotations, Custom Validations

Views Implementations and Data Sharing

  • Razor Syntax, Tag Helpers
  • Layout and Partial Views, View Components

Dependency Injection and Design Patterns Integration

  • Unit Testing using xUnit, Writing Test cases, validating

Environments and Configurations

  • Dev, Test and Production Environments, SDLC, Reading data from Configuration files i.e. AppSettings.json

CRUD Operations using EF Core

  • EF Core Codefirst and DB First approch


  • Creating and writing Logs in Console, File, Database, Integration of Log4J and Serilog


  • Different types of Fileters and Custom fileter implemntation

SOLID Principles and Clean Architecture

Web API Integration

  • Swagger, Open API, Postman, Content Negotiation, Request and Response Headers, JSON etc

Minimal API

  • .Net Core new implmentations

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.Net Course

QEdgeTech Dot Net Full Stack Developer Course Professional Certificate Holders work at 100s of companies like


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This is the best institute for dotnet, They give placement assistance also, if you join in this institute your job struggles will end. Classrooms are very good. Recently I got placed through this institute. Let’s suggest joining people who are want to learn .net with c#
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One of the best hub to prove yourself in dot net Course training engineer with supporting of friendly staff and faculty. Thank you qedge for giving me confidence, placement in good reputed company (caliber technologies) and good future.
Srinivas Reddy
Srinivas Reddy
Read More
One of the best institute to learn C# Dot Net course, It is the best opportunity to learn under exp faculty. they teaches very well. I got placement in middle of the course. I suggest to all learning data science in q- edge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Microsoft .Net Training is 120 Days duration.
Daily 1.5 hour theory + 1.5 hour practical session.
Monday to Saturday Sessions.
Any graduate BSC, BCom, B.Tech, MSC, MCA etc. with good communication skills can do this course and start your career as Dot Net Full Stack Developer Engineer. And also working professionals (BPO / Banking / Sales / Customer Care etc.,) who want to change their domain
Our training will be a blend of theoretical and practical work on each topic. We also provide live exposure on projects and give assignments to improve your skill set.

Yes, you are going to work on real-time projects during learning to gain real-time projects experience.

After completion of training, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers and potential employers.

Yes, you’ll be able to access your enrolled course materials through our Learning Management System. Practical Assignments, Day-to-Day Class videos and readings you can access through our LMS App.

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