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Future Scope for ServiceNow

What is the Future Scope of ServiceNow?

What is the Future Career Scope of ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is one of the most evolving platforms and has a lot to offer in terms of its products for the companies of various sizes including the start-ups. Thus, with such a huge demand of this service, the future of ServiceNow in India is highly promising and also is huge in terms of global standards too. Figures show that it has gradually reached to a customer base of around 2k+ customers in the current scenario.  Since its inception till today, it has been around 14 years of its inception and is evolving as a high paced platform for almost every business body including the start-ups.

It is due to its high demand among the business bodies that there is actually a great scope of ServiceNow in global and Indian market too. Further it is expected to grow and be in demand on a continuous basis for the further upcoming years. Thus, if one is looking to build their future in the relative field, there is a huge scope of getting bigger opportunities in terms of pay scale and career growth in this field. Being a ServiceNow professional is in high demand currently and is definitely going to be one of the most prospective fields in future too!

servicenow operations

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is basically a cloud based company and exists as a prime player in ITSM industry. It has gained its popularity due to its catering services in relation to IT Operation Management and IT Business Management. Based on a robust cloud platform, it enables building of any of the applications pretty fast and reliable. It is one of the biggest platforms for cloud based operations and is thus one of the biggest business strengths of the company- ServiceNow.

Mainly it is a cloud based ITSM tool that provides higher flexibility relative to functionality, reliability and customization. Introduced as an ITSM tool it has now grown and evolved pretty more than being just an ITSM tool as its helps in building many types of applications in the domains of finance, sales, HR etc. It is due to its affectivity that it has got a great hold in the industry and has gained a huge market share. With the implementation of ServiceNow, all you got to do is to think running your business and forget about handling the other tools like- infrastructure, database, servers, security, data centres, clustering, load balancing, etc.

Get Started with ServiceNow Course

If you wish to take up a career that is promising and technically sound enough to give you ample opportunities for success, taking up a ServiceNow course is advisable for you. Being a ServiceNow professional you can expect and get a chance to work for some of the most crucial tasks of business operations and perform to the highest standards.

There are various training and course modules defined to help train individuals in the concerned field. QEdge runs various successful courses in this field. Apart from the regular classes, there are even online courses for the ease of the candidates.

The step by step learning process for this course is defined into the below mentioned forms-

  1. ServiceNow Administration

The initial and the foremost step include the learning of the ServiceNow Administration. Once you undergo this module, you are an expert at handling the basic administration levels issues relative to ServiceNow applications and operations.

It includes the modules relative to the following topics-

  • ServiceNow User Interface
  • User Administration
  • Data Management
  • Service Automation
  • Core Application Administration
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Capstone Project

Once you complete this course, you have a mastery in ServiceNow System Administration and you will be certified with the essential skills and knowledge concerning to the management, configuration, implementation and its maintenance of the system.

On successful passing of this certification course, you will establish the core skill-set required necessary becoming a ServiceNow Implementation Specialist.

  1. ServiceNow Development

Further moving ahead is the ServiceNow Developer Program that provides the helpful resources and skill sets for the developers with any level of expertise. It goes for either of the subjects relative to the platform and application development.

With this course you get an opportunity of acquire a personal developer instance at just a prescribed cost. This includes- documentation, learning the API references and training. It is basically for the developers who are new to the ServiceNow platform and will cover the developer’s program registration, including the personal instance request, and the further next steps after one gets started. Undergoing the training, you can use your learned skills of ServiceNow to build, deploy, test, and sell your applications.

servicenow security operations

This training includes the following steps of

  • Learning
  • Building, creating, extending, integrating and exploring the platform
  • Discussing the collaborative scenario with the global ServiceNow developer communities as and when required
  • Deploying the applications on the ServiceNow platform
  1. ServiceNow Implementation

The last part includes the deployment of the ServiceNow products into a relative environment in order to achieve the required results. With learning the ServiceNow implementation process, you can use tool for an incomparable access of the most recent developments. Thus, learning the implementation of ServiceNow is pretty much needed to meet the customers’ business requirements.

This concerned course will cover the common technical aspects of a well implemented and a well processed effective implementation of ServiceNow platform for running various applications. This will give the opportunity for the developers to learn the required tactical skills and handle their responsibilities as per the needed roles and responsibilities towards fulfilling the holistic requirement to complete a project.

This course training includes the coverage of following topics in order to give a hands-on experience to the candidates in terms of labs, lectures, group exercises, and simulations:

ServiceNow StartNow Implementation Methodologies and its related engagement management processes tools

  • Core system setup that includes- configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Support authentication options
  • Applications security standards
  • Integrations that includes-LDAP, Web Services, Single Sign‑on, and REST
  • Best practices of Instance Management Performance
  • Best practices of coding

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