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Terms of Use

we bind any of our client or the company they are representing as per our predefined terms that goes in coordination with the service taken from QEdge Technologies. The coverage of this agreement goes right from the bearing courses and services related to mobile applications, services, software or any other forms of offerings from QEdge. Getting signed in to our company’s products implies your agreement to the rules and regulations laid as per our terms and conditions. In case of non-agreement to any of our terms, you are free to click on the “cancel” button and this makes to eligible to be exempted from using any of our company’s products. One is requested to only and only click on the “agree” or “sign in” button on complete acceptance of the policy or agreement terms for further use of the company’s products or services.

Additional Terms of Use

  • Any of your personal information shared with us with respect to the usage of any of our products remains intact under our privacy policy; however, this will be further incorporated as reference into any of the relative terms.
  • Any of the instructors need to follow the predefined terms and conditions as laid for the instructors. All these conditions have been incorporated in reference to the terms laid.
  • Any of the instructor if are facing any of the conflict of terms between the instructor’s terms and those under laid, in this case they are to be governed as per the Instructor terms, already laid.

General Terms of Use

  • Our products enable the potential aspirants to get in touch with the independent contract instructors. These instructors offer educational session in both pre-recorded and live tutoring forms imparting instruction and learning services through the proprietary online classrooms. Here, the instructors and students are jointly termed as “users.” Our products contains a hosting course and the supportive study materials, as advanced with the relative feedback from the previous users’ base and offering limitless educational services.
  • Our company has the bearing right to modify or change any of the service terms at any point of time, and post the changes immediately, without providing any prior notice for the same. Any of the modifications implied will be effective after 30 days, from the date of the post made. In case of prior purchase of our products to the modifications made, changes are termed to be accepted by the users and don’t stand a chance of questioning any further.  Thus, in order to be well aware of our latest version of terms, one must visit our official website, frequently. Apart from the preceding terms, none of the revisions made to any of these terms apply to any of the disputes arising between the user and company prior to the date of revision.
  • Our company bears the ownership rights to changes any of the products or even discontinue with the availability of the same at any point of time. In such case, users are solely responsible for any of the relative telephony, data charges, service charges, or any other associated costs, relative to gaining the access to any of our products. In addition, users are also responsible for maintaining their computer hardware, telephone and any other required equipment, associated with the course module.
  • If case one chooses any of the payment modes involving any fees, it is considered that one has agreed to make the payment, and they are then held responsible for the same. In case of providing the credit card details for the required payments, a user is understood to share and warrant the authentic usage of their credit card details and authorize the firm to charge you as per the payment in full.
  • In case of failed payment due to due expenses of the past; collection of the fees using other collecting mechanisms is performed. This will include ways like- charging payment ways on files with the assistance of any of the collecting agency and thereby procuring help from the legal counsel. Blocking any further access to our products is also one of the mechanism of making a penalty against due payment completely.
  • It is mandatory to adhere to all the law and regulations prior to getting access to any of our website services or products must comply with the laws and regulations. This includes rules related to non-limiting copyright laws and usage of intellectual property. Further this also relates to the personal and privacy identity. In association with site items, one is required to share only correct information and must not share any type of false information, unknowingly.
  • In addition to this none of the individuals have the authority or right against copying, modifying, distributing, reverse engineering, tarnishing, defacing, hacking, mutilating or interfering with the operations or products of our website. Also, none of the users are permitted to implant any of the additional products or website or interfere with any of our operations or site products, masquerade any other personality or get unauthorized access to any one’s account. One is also not permitted to host damaging risks to our hardware sources like- worms, virus, spyware or any harmful computer code, or any file of such nature with damaging intent of hijacking any of our telecommunication or software equipment.

General disclaimer

Our website is simply a market platform for related students and instructors. We aren’t a body likely to hire any instructors, and thus, cannot be held responsible for any of the interactions or discussions between students and their instructors. In addition to this, we are not to be held responsible for any such claims, injuries, damages, disputes or losses or for any other variant of issues concerning the conduct of such students or instructors.

We aren’t in full control of the submitted content as has been relative to our website, thus, no such 100% guarantee relating to the validity, reliability, truthfulness or accuracy of the content submitted is ensured from our end. The company cannot be held responsible for evading the content from our registered users, and also doesn’t permit any of the users for sharing any such content as submitted on the web against the permissible extent, under the chosen law.

However, our products and the main website offer links to any of the third party websites, only via courses, directly or indirectly through our instructors. Our company isn’t active with any of the endorsements with any of third party websites, and thus, isn’t in control of them anyhow. Likewise, our firm cannot be held responsible for assuming any of the liabilities relating to any of the third party websites. In order to preserve your privacy standards, a use is suggested to validate the sanctity of the third party, prior to taking any of the further steps.


  • In order to gain the access of the products for any lawful service, individuals are solely held responsible for adhering to the rules, laws and regulations, relative to the usage of a particular item.
  • Before any such access obtained, you are required to agree to the non-usage of the company’s products or content for soliciting or recruiting any potential user or even an instructor.
  • This way one is solely responsible for any of the potential risks as can possibly emerge as a result of illegal joining hands with the instructors and any of their course modules.


  • In order to enjoy any of our services or products, one needs to get registered with us for having a secure username, user account, and password.
  • Any of the information was obtained during the registration process is further used for offering the related customer services, and for content and well defined network management.

Individuals are solely held responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account information and password.

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