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Reasons to Switch from Manual Testing to Automation

Reasons to Switch from Manual Testing to Automation

Testing takes an indispensable place among the various elements of software development. In fact, testing is the prime activity without which the software development remains incomplete. There are various kinds of testing tools and elements that need to be procured before undergoing the accurate SDLC phase.  All kinds of software that are being developed needs its group to tests its relative products before delivery, for the defects or bugs associated with it; as every software contains certain bugs or defects. It’s the responsibility of the Test engineers to take a step towards finding such defects prior to the product release but this is not an easy process and in most of the cases tends to reappear, even being dealt by the best manual test engineers undergoing the best testing methods. The test automation software comes in the scene here as it helps improve the affectionate, efficiency and dimension of the software testing process.

There are two major types of testing practices that are being followed in the software industry for the obtaining the perfect test results-

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing

It’s due to the fact that the industry majors have been widely looking for professionals well termed with both these elemental abilities. In order to grow as a well deserved test engineer all it takes is the desire to become one and undergoing a well defined Selenium Automation Training program. There are in factmultiple agencies and dedicated bodies are busy training individuals in order to transform them into the testing professionals. During such testing training schedules one becomes aware of the various tools during the Testing Tools Training.  

Even though, both these test training have their own significance, yet Automation testing takes a higher edge over manual test in the test events. In fact, most of the industry giants are preferring automation testing over manual ones. This makes the popularity and demand of this technical testing form even more impact.

What is Manual and Automation Testing?

There exists a thin line of differentiation between what is referred as Manual and Automated testing.

Manual software testing is a very common manually performed test process by a test engineer who needs to undergo carefully compilation of the application screens, taking a try on the various uses and combinations of inputs and analyzing the comparative outcome of the related behaviors and observation recordings. These kinds of tests require a repeated performance during the complete development cycles for varied source codes, its relative changes and in case of any other situation that emerges out of different kinds of operating environments and handling different hardware configurations.

manual testing automation testing

However, an Automated Testing tool is the one where firstly you have a well equipped automated form of test performance. Here you can playback the pre-recorded and predefined actions for effective results comparison for any of the expected behavioral pattern of software for an accurate reporting of the success or crash of the different manual tests to the respective test engineer. Automated tests once created can be easily recurred or even extended as per the need of a tasks performance with manual testing. This is why automated software testing is becoming an essential switching over mechanism in the testing domain for successful project tests.

Reasons to Switch from Manual to Automation Testing

There are numerous reasons to prove that the team of techie are considering the transition or swap from manual to automated testing forms for their successful projects’ testing. Mentioned below is a list of results for switching over from manual to automation testing on large and reliable scale-

reasons switch manual testing automation

  • Test automation gives way for the teams to use the software in the right order of execution for obtaining the perfect results for the tests and obtaining reports

With automation testing, the road towards the right order of test execution becomes clear in the most chronological order.

  • Cuts down on the human error that exists frequently during the manual tests and maximize the efficiency of the test by streamlining the projects for its successful completion

Dissimilar to the manual performances, automated testing automatically cuts down on the human errors arising during the manual test process.

  • Manual testing is a time taking process that might spend maximum of your team’s working hours

Most of the manual tasks performed are time taking and so is manual testing

  • Manual testing tends to be mostly practical in case of test cases that requires lesser number of frequent repetitions

Being manually handled, this type of testing becomes difficult to be performed on a recurring basis. However, automated testing is good to go in any of such recuing events.

  • Generally, automated testing stands being more reliable as it is makes use of tools and scripts for performing the tests using it

benefits of automation testing

Automated testing becomes more reliable as it makes use of automated test tools and scripts for performing its course.

  • Automation testing is pretty fast than the manual methods

Particularly when the same plan needs to be executed multiple times, automation testing automatically becomes more efficient

Undergoing the Transition from Manual Testing to Test Automation

In order to undergo through manual to automation testing, the following steps are going give a perfect helping hand-

  • Choosing the tests for automation
  • Creating a relative standard test structure for performing automation tests and creating the needed scripts for this
  • Inclusion of different error handling techniques in test scripts
  • Choosing and picking the correct test automation tools
  • Setting the right QA test environment for performing the tests
  • Creating a well defined test schedule to adhere to it

automation testing salary trends

Automated software testing has thus, been a time trended and considered critical test element for bigger software development giants. It is yet to be followed by the smaller organizations due to the huge amount of expense it brings along with it. However, in order to inculcate the change, one can even opt for less expensive automated tools like- SmartBear’s Tools that are not just the way it needs to work but are affordable too. This is why most of the respected and well known companies of the world are switching to automated testing forms.

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