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What are the Best Automation Testing Tools

What are the Best Automation Testing Tools

Best Automation Testing Tools

Automation testing is on a rise with the ongoing demand for the same in the software industry. With the higher ongoing demand for automated test tools, the demand for various types of test training’s also goes hand in hand. This is why the demand for various automated testing training’s including Selenium Online Training, QA Online Training, etc. is in high demand.

If you have been wondering on finding the best automation testing tools, the below mentioned text is definitely going to prove as a good help!

Before beginning the briefs on the best automation testing tools, one must always keep in mind that what is best for one is not going to be the same for the other tasks as well. So, in order to choose the best automation tool as per your test needs, you must understand the technical need standards required for the project undertaken. This means when one is selecting the best automation testing tool for your project suitability and team work ability; it really is going to depend on the fact of which technology needs to be used for a certain test case or project case.

Points to Check before Declaring any of the Automation Testing Tools as “The Best”

Ask yourself and checklist the following questions, before opting for any of the test tools-

  • What strategy and goals are you planning for?
  • What is the job you require to get done?
  • What are the problem areas of your concern and you what are you looking for solving with this automation tool?
  • Who your audiences are?
  • What your tech stack is?

10 Best Automation Testing Tools

Moving forward, here is a list of the 10 best Automation testing tools to consider-


Selenium testing framework helps with performing various tests across different web applications, in varied environment of Windows, Linux and Mac systems. It also helps with writing the test codes in different programming languages of- Java, PHP, Perl, C#, Ruby, Groovy and Python along with the recording and features of playback as well. This is why it is considered as the most preferred and highly demanded software testing tools across the industry.

2. Ranorex

Ranorex Studio is a truly functional automation testing tools for all kinds of desktop, web, and mobile based applications.

Ranorex features the following:

  • GUI recognition
  • Reusable test codes
  • Detection of Bugs
  • Integrating various test tools
  • Recording and playing back events

3. TestingWhiz

Developed by Cygnet Infotech, TestingWhiz is one of the well known test automation tool formed out of code-less scripts. This is a one stop solution to a fully fledged package of varied automated testing needs of -web, API, mobile app, software testing, database testing, and maintenance of regression test suites, automation, optimization, and performing cross-browser tests.

TestingWhiz covers many vital features of:

  • Keyword and data-driven, distributed testing
  • Recording and playing back the various frameworks for test automation
  • Object Eye based intrinsic recorder
  • 290+ commands inbuilt for testing in JavaScript
  • Well integrated tools for bug tracking such as-Jira, FogBugz and Mantis
  • Fully integrated tools for test management of HP Quality Center with risk based significance
  • Performing the delivery process in Agile cycles

4. Watir

Watir originates from the Ruby libraries. Being an open source testing tool, it is also pronounced as “WATER”

Watir features:

  • Test process for any of the language-based web application
  • Performing cross-browser tests
  • Is well versed with different business-driven development tools such as- RSpec, Cucumber, and Test/Unit
  • Automates testing of web page’s forms, buttons, links, and their relative responses

5.HPE Unified Functional Testing (HP – UFT formerly QTP)

Renaming the HP QuickTest Professional led to the origin of HPE Unified Functional Testing offering flexible and functional automated testing for different software applications making use of the Visual Basic Scripting language.

QTP covers the following features of:

  • Well integrated work with Mercury Quality Center for progressive works on Mercury Business Process Testing
  • “Smart Object Recognition” methodology
  • Well defined error handling system
  • Creating varied parameters for checkpoints, objects, and data-driven tables
  • Creating automated forms of documents

6. TestComplete

TestComplete comes as a fully functional testing software offering a list of varied automation solutions for performing such tests for desktop, mobile applications by SmartBear Software and the web.

Following are the features of TestComplete for:

  • Performing GUI tests
  • Supporting the various scripting languages like– JavaScript, JScript, Python, VBScript, C++Script, DelphiScript and C#Script
  • Acting as a Test visualizer
  • Performing scripted testing
  • Recording and playback of test events

7. Tosca Testsuite

Another remarkable automated testing software is the Tosca Testsuite by Tricent which is generally used for performing model-based automation tests.

Tosca Testsuite gives way to the following features:

  • Planning and designing the test cases
  • Provisioning of the Test data
  • Offering a service virtualization based network
  • Perform test operations based on mobile apps
  • Covers Integration management
  • Offers complete coverage on prospective risks

8. Sahi

Being an open source automation tool for testing and automation of the web based applications’ testing process; this is basically written in the Java and other JavaScript based programming languages.

Sahi offers the below mentioned features of:

  • Performing cross-browser testing on multiple browsers
  • Supporting ZK, YUI, ExtJS, Dojo, etc. frameworks
  • Recording and playing back the test series during browser tests

9. WatiN

Inspired by Watir, WatiN works as an open-source, C#-developed web application testing tool that goes well for web application based testing for .Net programming languages as licensed under Apache 2.0.

Features of WatiN include:

  • Supports built for HTML and AJAX website testing
  • Integrated unit testing tools
  • Automated browser testing on IE and Firefox
  • Web page screenshots generation facility
  • Native sustenance for Page and Control model

10. Telerik TestStudio

Telerik TestStudio is a one stop solution for various niche such as-automated desktop, web needs, and mobile applications testing that is inclusive of load, performance   and  UI testing.

You can prefer this tool for various compatibilities such as:

  • Supporting the programming languages such as- MVC, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Silverlight, ASP.NET and WPF
  • Rightly integrated work with the Visual Basic Studio 2010 and 2012
  • Featured recording and playing back
  • Cross-browser tests performance
  • Manual testing
  • Integrated tools for tracking bugs

There is a numerous list of various automated software testing tools that tend to be the best, but what makes it best depends on your need and the technical domain you are dealing with.

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