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Why Should Take Quality Assurance as Your Career

Why You Should Take Quality Assurance as Your Career

Quality Assurance has emerged as one of the most vital and highly indispensable part of the software industry. The prime reason behind the same is the need for a perfectly well tested software or application by the clients, globally. All of the industry giants prefer a well tested and actuated work prior to submissions. Thus, it becomes the prime concern of the developer body to perform all kinds of tests and assurance checks by removing all the errors and bugs from the particular programming code, before the final product submission.

Quality assurance testing has basically emerged in two different forms- Automated and Manual testing forms. Both these have their own significance but to a level automated testing have proved to be the more preferred ways of testing across the entire industry. This is mainly due to the accuracy and redundancy factors associated with it.
If one is looking for pursuing their career in the field of testing domain, taking Quality Assurance as your career can be a great option. Getting trained in either of the testing programs like – selenium with java testing, Selenium with C# testing, automated and many other test patterns, your scope in the relative field automatically takes a high rise.

Reasons behind choosing Quality Assurance as a Career

There are however, many reasons that support this career domain, mentioned below is a list certain prime reasons that explains the fact of why one should select quality assurance and becoming a quality control engineer as a preferred career choice

  • Both the profile and work responsibilities are simple and easily handle making the adaptation process easier
  • As a Quality Engineer, you automatically gain due respect from other colleges due to your profile
  • One can also expand their career aspects by becoming a test consultant or a test engineer for any of the software giants or any consultancy firm in the industry
  • As one needs to perform tests on various platforms, one gets to know higher degree of work levels and gains good knowledge relative to such works
  • The profile of a test engineer is highly challenging along with lot of interest laid, fun-filled work
  • One gets a lot of interactive season that makes the work enjoyable and also helps in gaining higher confidence levels by regular interactive meetings with the Construction Directors, Quality Manager, Project Managers and the CEO.
  • The profile gives you a constructive platform to share and discuss your own views and ideas along with the supportive reasonable ideas from the panel
  • This is a obviously a high-paying career domain along with lot many people to help you in trouble times
  • Gaining high experience and staying for longer time in a similar company, one can expect quick promotions and growth along with remarkable salary revisions as well.
  • Certain specialized QA Training and being regularly updated gives you a push for grabbing the tremendous growth opportunities

quality assurance salary trends

Future Scope with Learning QA

Similar to any other most promising job offers, QA has also got tremendous scope as far as the job opportunities and industry demands are concerned.

  • In fact, one can say that there is definitely very good scope of testing in the future. Whenever software is going to be developed, it automatically requires being tested, and thus, the demand of the testing field and the related testing professionals will always remain.
  • However, automated testing is gaining higher grounds as the standard web/mobile apps require automated testing tools for an accurate validation.
  • Various support figures show that the software developers or engineers and the testers are regularly being hired. In fact, there are more than 75,000 software testing jobs throughout India that are looking for the right fitting candidates offering highly competitive salary.

qa job trends

  • Also the role of the tester is never going to static only for testing an application. There is going to be the need of dynamic and change-driven, multi skilled testers in order to compete with the changing test environment and aids.
  • In order to go hand in hand with the technological growth, leaning the new automation tools will help in emerging as an expert in both manual and automated test fields.
  • Thus, Software testing is an extensive and highly diverse field offering endless scope, just by learning certain relative and most demanded script coding, Automation tools and techniques, the scope of testing is going to be on a high rise in future.

Roles and Responsibilities of a QA Engineer

Mentioned below is a refined list of roles, responsibilities and additional duties as expected from a QA engineer

1. Roles and responsibility for a QA engineer in Agile Environment

Identifiability: Should be capable of identifying various tools, sources, work environment and other relative components

Reproducibility: Should be able to well integrate the sources, data, software systems deployment and the third party components for a stable operation

Consistency: Should be able to generate a stable development framework for various software development and deployment components

quality assurance role in software development

Agility: Should be well acquainted with the Agile work patterns and handle any of the upcoming repercussions without effecting the productivity of the software development cycle by performing the integration art.

2. Roles and responsibilities for a QA engineer working in an organization

  • Must be able to create a QA plan, including the intricate electronic assurance
  • Must be able to review any of the subsystem needs for correct system requirements
  • Must be able to perform design reviews for requirements verification and good design Implementation and following
  • Perform assess and implementation activities as per the required design
  • Perform development and support processes as per requirements
  • Make a review on the choice of parts as per the guidance provided on parts preference
  • Make sure to perform electronics assembling as per the acceptable standards
  • Must be able to conduct at different system and sub-system levels
  • Ensure the verification of all adequate requirements

3. Other Duties

  • Perform analysis and report compilation and generation
  • Perform business based planning and management operations
  • Communicate and present things in the form of PPTs
  • Should be customer cantered and must focus on relationship building
  • Must be influential and a leader
  • Must be proficient in information and technology and technical features of the industry

Thus, there is a high scope of pursuing a career in testing field by undergoing a few trainings and sustained hard work and dedication!

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