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Best DevOps Tools and Job Market

Best DevOps Tools and Job Market

With the day by day establishments coming up in the software industry, there are multiple opportunities coming up, too! DevOps is another upcoming and highly popularizing software tool that is getting much of hype these days. Let’s have a closer look at what it is and how much scope it has for an aspirant in this field.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the shortened form of “development” and “operations”. It takes into account the software development and its delivery process for making a communication between the product management, the software development, and the operations professionals. Its concepts are even though not a completely revolutionaries system operating tool but has worked as a catalysis for coordination and conditioning of the different management and software development needs. It has been rapidly popularizing tools among the technical community. Similar to “Quality” or “Agile” concepts, DevOps has also gained its demand quite soon after its introduction and works on a fully functional concept of software cycle.

Basically, it is the perfect combination of the cultural philosophies, software practices, and the required tools for improvising the organization’s work ability standards for delivering the well versed and highly operative applications and service operations. This has mainly been in use due to its high end work ability standards and faster operative and delivery results as compared to the other traditional software creation and infrastructure management methods and processes.

What are the Best DevOps Tools to get Job on DevOps?

If you are anticipating on what could be the best DevOps tools to learn prior to getting a suitable job in the related field, you can pretty well start with Git, GitHub, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS and Docker. However, below mentioned is a list of the 5 most demanded and popular in-use DevOps tools that can also be considered as the starting point-

  1. Jenkins

Jenkins is a DevOps tool which has been considered as the most leading open source automation server for reported job executions and its monitoring. With this, one can easily get the access on the outputs and quickly identify the problems using the extensible automation engine.

  1. SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

SolarWinds is a tool for the best IT management and monitoring. This one’s used for establishing a control on the Log & Event Management for security, compliance, and troubleshooting purposes.

devops tools

  1. Vagrant

Developed by HashiCorp, this has provided the organizations with the tools for running a software in the most secured form, creating the right infrastructure for any of the application needs using their Suite, including- Vault, Vagrant, Terraform, Packer, Consul and Nomad. Vagrant, in particular is used for creation of teams create and the configuration of the lightweight, portable and reproducible software development environments along with easy-to-use workflow using the right automation and development environments.

  1. PagerDuty

PagerDuty is another DevOps tool used for team development and businesses protection in terms of maintaining the brand reputation and improving their customer experiences. It is basically an incident management and support solution for high-performing apps delivery and higher customer services.

  1. Prometheus

Being an open-source monitoring system for services, it also keeps an eye on the time series database along with the metrics and alert systems. It is particularly famous among the teams using Grafana.

DevOps Career Scope & its Job Market

DevOps has a huge growth area of potential in the coming future. In fact, this could turn to become one of the most promising control and coordination software tool in the industry.

  • With the amplified results in terms of job automation in both large and small organizations, it is a way to get rid of the unnecessary repetitive jobs and its related implications. It has a full scope of automating and monitoring the job works and this makes it an entity that is a class apart in the relevant domain of work. Today everything needs to be well administered and monitored and someone being able to do in an automated form using DevOps is a jewel for the industry.
  • DevOps has turned out to be one of the most exciting careers as here you are in a loop of facing new challenges in the course of integrating new technologies in the working style and solving the upcoming challenges.
  • This is a job that needs to create a good balance between the operations and developers side.
  • DevOps are specialist who has to create a common bridge between the developers and the operations team by pushing the right code and running smooth operations. Such type of coordination is highly required in the industry and thus the need for such jobs is going high day by day.

devops salary packages by experience

  • If configuration management systems such as- Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc interest you, there is huge scope of a bright career for you in the field of DevOps.
  • Due to its ability of configuring simple to complex operations along with handling stages like -production, staging, QA, and development environmental changes, the demand for DevOps professionals is high.
  • DevOps is the open stream ocean of opportunities for adding value to the unlimited career scope in this domain.

Mentioned above is the median level salary graph for a professional DevOps specialist that depicts its career aspects and salary bars across the industry. This has been extracted out of a survey conducted to show the insights of the career path while taking DevOps roles, and its relative salaries. Start learning DevOps Training

Roles and Responsibilities of DevOps Engineer

Even though the specific roles and responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer have yet not been perfectly outlined, yet there are a few points that correlate with the same.

A high-rated DevOps Engineer must have the following qualities for enjoying a flourishing career in this field:

  • Should have the ability of making use of a huge variety of open source tools and technologies
  • Must be able to write the code and script
  • Must have a rich experience working with various IT operations and other systems
  • Should be flexible and able to be accustomed with the frequently changing and incremental code tests and tools deployment process
  • Should have a good knowledge of the automation tools
  • Must possess data management skills
  • Should understand and focus on the result oriented outcomes of the business he/she is working for
  • Should be efficient enough to handle and understand the cross functional collaborations and open communication
  • Being proficient in languages like- Java, Ruby, Python is an added advantage

Following are the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps Beginners

  • Has to take care of the Coding/Scripting part
  • Understanding the business operation, has to implement Business Process Re-engineering procedures
  • Has to analyze and redesign the workflow of an organization for business optimization processes
  • Has to implement the cross border collaboration
  • Has to work on a huge variety of open source tools and technologies
  • Perform system operation for repetitive jobs with ease and accuracy
  • Has to inculcate the flexible and frequently modified incremental codes and related tests
  • Has to work on the various automation tools and implement them as and when required
  • Perform the complete data management process for an organization
  • Keep a track of the business performance thereby improving the outcomes from it.

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